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What My Customers Are Saying

Hello Lacey,

Your candle course was amazing, I have read many books and looked at many photos and online videos but nothing has made it as clear, precise and as easy as your DVD's. I have already watched them twice and you have renewed my excitement for making candles (which I had lost through frustration). You have changed the experience from stressful to a more relaxed, fun experience!
Janine - North Carolina

Hello Lacey,

How are you? I would like to thank you for all the information you send it is very helpful and awesome, again thank you your videos are great and you have been very helpful.”
Ray - Colorado

Hello Lacey G,

Thank you for sending me details of various stages of candle making. I am at the first stage of thinking about it and really want to start despite the fact that I have a small business making African kaftans (ten years now!)...Well done with all your info you are sending, it is extremely interesting and informative. All the best and good luck, you deserve it.
Hazel - South Africa

How To Make Candles

Get FREE access into my Aficionado Candle Course with this step by step instructional video that teaches you how to make a balloon candle. This requires only a hand full of supplies and NO MOLD! Plus I’ve also included written instructions from my manual for you to go over once you’ve finished watching the video…all for FREE!

Simply request the video by using the form at the top of this page. The best way to know if our full course will be right for you is to provide you with a sample lesson. Plus this free candle making tutorial means you'll be able to get started creating a gorgeous candle today! I hope that you enjoy learning how to make candles!

You’ve Come to the Right Place to Learn How to Make Candles Today!

You’re going to LOVE how easy and fun candle making can be. If you want to start making candles, you’ve come to the right place.

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